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Truck Bed Guitar Session
Nature Girl


Most of my posts are written about places in or around Sydney CBD but this time I decided to venture out to the lower North Shore. Unlike most wine bars that are located up quiet side streets or hidden away in lane ways, Barrel Bar & Dining is located on the consistently busy stretch of Military Road - So it cannot be missed. After seeing many photographs of the dishes being produced and reading all of the positive reviews, I knew I had to visit and see for myself. They opened their doors early last year and have since become quite famous for their colourful and flavoursome dishes. They have a large range of wine, beautifully presented cocktails, soft drinks, beer and spirits. For each dish

Tony Marchment Artistry

What makes something memorable? Is it the way it looks or the way it makes you feel? Or a combination of both? For something or someone to be memorable they need to be different, they need to have something about them that is engaging beyond the exterior we see. Over the past few months I have been doing some work with a makeup and special effects artist who as luck should have it, is also a hair stylist. Tony Marchment is my definition of memorable and he sure does leave a long lasting impression. What I find most impressive about Tony is his ability to listen to what is being requested and execute the idea by not just doing makeup, but by creating a body of art. The level of professionalis

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