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Written by @stackerslee_eats I am a HUGE fan of Vietnam! It is easily one of my favourite places in the world – I have been twice and can see myself heading back many more times. From the hectic, non-stop buzzing vibe of Ho Chi Minh City, to the modern beachside town of Nha Trang with it’s very own super fun and slightly bizarre amusement park island, to the quiet, historic town of Hoi An full of pretty sites, endless tailor shops and delicious food – Vietnam is my ideal holiday destination. Every turn is met with a friendly smile, a new adventure, an amazing story and more often than not, the opportunity to barter with a street vendor for those authentic-replica holiday purchases! I am part


The motivation train is a fantastic means of transport that will take you from your current state of mind to this glorious place where all of your goals live. Here you'll feel a sense of accomplishment, excitement and happiness all rolled into one. In order for you to obtain a ticket, you first need to have a clear set of goals and be able to visualise yourself residing at the destination. You need to be sure you're prepared for the journey as you may have heard, it's not an easy road. At times the journey may not seem worth it, but it all comes down to if you truly believe the sense of accomplishment you will feel, once you arrive, will outweigh the temporary sacrifices you must make in ord

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