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December 1, 2015

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There are only a handful of restaurants in Sydney that I can say I have a long and colorful history with and Caffe Roma is one of them.

This restaurant and I, we’ve been through a lot! Awkward first dates, catch up’s with friends, work functions and even break ups. But after all of the ups and downs I keep going back, you know why? Because it’s my little slice of Italian Heaven.

From the fairy lights and greenery, candles and music, you’ll feel like you’ve teleported from the busy streets of Sydney, directly into the picturesque streets of Rome.

Besides me these guys have had all types of visitors, from local celebrities to international guests, politicians, students, residents to anyone who can appreciate the authenticity of a go...

November 12, 2015

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Casually strolling down Goulburn Street somewhere in the distance I could hear a fat and inviting bass line. Wondering where exactly it was coming from, I was more than stoked to find it lead me directly to the doorstep of Basement 33.

This New York/Italian inspired restaurant is located at Basement level of 33 Goulburn Street Sydney.

At most times of the day that part of town is always quite packed with people, so keep a look out for the neon sign and the street art style mural on the wall of Michael Angelo’s Adam.

The clean subway tiling, sleek black decor, dim lighting and deep house vibrations, will have you feeling as though you’re attending an exclusive party, but with a twist - They’ve incorporated a New York style sub...

October 30, 2015

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Ahhhh Sunday, the one day of the week where I’m quite happy to scroll through my feeds for hours on end and not feel guilty for doing so.

On Instagram I have an eye for anything that is creative and I love things that are different. On this particular day I came across what I found to be a very creative coffee cup.

After a few more scrolls and liking almost every image on their account, I just knew I had to visit - how could I not? Look at the desserts!

Bondi local and award-winning chef Ian Oakes of The Grand National had an idea of opening a local eatery that people could drop in at all times of the day and leave with a long lasting impression - this my friends is a exactly what he has achieved.  

Drake’s menu is a modernized Aus...

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