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July 2, 2017

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Located directly across from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, Parida Bondi is in the perfect location for you to stop by and enjoy some delicious food off their menu whether that be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This cosy Bondi restaurant has wooden décor throughout, greenery hanging from the roof and large open windows overlooking the ocean. For a casual dining experience this restaurant is perfect.  

Parida is quite well known amongst locals for its breakfast and lunch options with their smashed avo and lamb burger being the crowd favourites. We decided to do something a bit different and head down on a Friday evening with a group of 8 to try one of their banquets which was extremely well priced given the location ($49pp, minimum...

June 13, 2017

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Unless you've been living under a rock or had no internet access - ever, you would have seen or heard the words 'Milky Lane ‘appear in your newsfeed many times.  I guarantee every time you see these words appear a series of images will flash before your eyes - juicy burgers, gourmet shakes or innovative colourful cocktails to name a few.

Since opening its doors just over a year ago Milky Lane has been a hot spot for not only Sydneysiders but also a handful of international artists. Their unique burger creations and lively atmosphere draw people in hook, line and sinker.

Every time someone checks into this place on social media there’s a domino effect of positive comments from others who have either been and have recommendations o...

October 30, 2015

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Ahhhh Sunday, the one day of the week where I’m quite happy to scroll through my feeds for hours on end and not feel guilty for doing so.

On Instagram I have an eye for anything that is creative and I love things that are different. On this particular day I came across what I found to be a very creative coffee cup.

After a few more scrolls and liking almost every image on their account, I just knew I had to visit - how could I not? Look at the desserts!

Bondi local and award-winning chef Ian Oakes of The Grand National had an idea of opening a local eatery that people could drop in at all times of the day and leave with a long lasting impression - this my friends is a exactly what he has achieved.  

Drake’s menu is a modernized Aus...

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