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December 8, 2016

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The boys at the W.I.A (What Is Art ?) store have absolutely made waves on the shores of Newcastle by opening what is now known amongst the locals as Newcastle’s finest Acai Bowl Bar.

The store itself has character with a street art style mural of Notorious B.I.G covering the largest wall within the store.  Reading “It was all a dream” spoke to my soul – To have this large mural and saying on display says to me that these guys started with an idea, believed in it enough to pursue it and executed it in such a creative and fun way.  This entire concept is a form of art and it ties in perfectly with their name.

Clothing racks filled with street wear, urban beats pumping in the background and two brothers who have created an environme...

December 6, 2016

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Located on the shores of Lake Macquarie, this intimate Mediterranean restaurant has become a real favourite amongst the locals. So much so, we knew we had to set our GPS North and head up to Warners Bay to see for ourselves.

As we entered the restaurant we noticed it was absolutely jam packed with people, all of which seemed to being having such a fabulous time.

We received a warm welcome from UK owners Emma and Danny, who explain to us that this restaurant had been inspired by many fond memories of summers spent in the Mediterranean.

Everything from the music being played to the décor throughout, created a fun and inviting atmosphere that most certainly would encourage one to come back with another group of friends or family.


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