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February 14, 2018

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Collagen induction therapy (also known as Micro- Needling) is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate all types of skin. 

A micro-pen is applied to the skin and hundreds of superficial micro-channels are created every few seconds. This stimulates the skin’s natural ability to heal itself and as a result will make your skin look and feel firmer and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. 

Numbing cream was applied to my face and I was warned of what to expect once the procedure began. At first I was unable to feel the device but after ten minutes I could feel a light burning sensation which was to be expected.

Once the procedure was completed as warned, I felt as though I had spent an entire day in the sun with no protection....

June 8, 2017

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Across all of my social media platforms Feathering was a reoccurring terminology that I had absolutely no knowledge on, but was very eager to be educated.  

An army of people were entering beauty clinics and leaving with natural looking perfectly shaped brows that would last for up to 18 months.

After doing my research and referral from a friend, I made an appointment at Adore Brows & Skin located in Parramatta, Sydney.

With over ten years experience the owner of this clinic specialises in feather touch brows, eyebrow shaping, cosmetic tattoo, beauty therapy, dermal skin therapy and LED light therapy.

She also has pro dermal skin treatments for pigmentation, acne, sun damage, fine lines, scarring and stretch marks and is able to co...

January 24, 2017

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The struggle is real when you’re a hopeless romantic living in the digital age. But never fear there IS hope, I am living proof of this.  

Normally I wouldn't share things about my personal life on Social Media, but in this instance I really want to share this experience with you in the hope you might also be able to share this with someone special.

On Sunday evening my special someone and I, went on an after-hours exclusive self-guided Aquarium tour which concluded with a private candlelit dinner set for two, in front of one of the largest underwater panels in the Aquarium.

This was the pinnacle of dates. I have never in my life experienced anything like this.

The self-guided tour was great! No busy crowds or trying to push your...

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