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May 25, 2016

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There are two things I value on this earth well and truly above anything else

1) Good Company 

2) Good Food

Good company could mean anything, but to me it means the people that make you laugh until it hurts, the ones that you can be yourself around on both the bad days and good,  those that you can create the biggest and best memories with simply by doing something as effortless as sitting down and sharing stories over a delicious meal.

I love food for obvious reasons #FATTY

When I get the opportunity to combine these two things I become one happy lady!  

At the present, Sydney’s nightlife may be struggling to keep its head above water but Helm Bar has confidently managed to stay afloat for a whole range of reasons.

The stun...

March 24, 2016

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It’s said that some of the best things in life are those that appear without us actively seeking them. That is precisely what happened to me when I came across an Instagram account that had me almost licking my phone screen. #Slurp -

Living in the land down under has some really amazing benefits! Like being able to walk down the street and find cuisines from almost any part of the world.

Hundreds, even thousands of restaurants located in and around our beautiful city may all offer similar menus but to me, the best part of a meal is the journey a particular dish takes you on and the memories that come flooding back after one small bite.

Personally Italian food is my thing! I have distinct memories of eating pizza...

February 14, 2016

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As much as I love living, working and socialising in our beautiful city of Sydney, sometimes it’s nice to leave my CBD bubble and venture into other parts of the world; by this I mean, 4km in the direction of the inner western suburbs of Sydney – Newtown to be exact.

Newtown thrives off the individuality of everyone who resides and visits the area.

This is the one suburb in Sydney you’ll being able to find a cuisine from almost every part of the world on one singular strip of road – King Street.

A friend of mine mentioned that I had to “Check out that place on King!”  Opening its doors only twelve weeks ago, it’s really making quite a name for itself.

After a conversation that felt like a mini Tennis match, I realised that we weren...

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