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We decided to start our evening at the Winery in Surry Hills. Neither of us had been here for a while and wanted to try some of the things off the menu.

This venue is large it has a courtyard seating area, inside function space and another level with a completely different concept.

To gain entry into the Winery you go through a delicate archway lit up with fairy lights. You look around the courtyard and feel as though you’ve stepped into a secret garden. The courtyard is always buzzing and busy with people.

The staff were kind enough to take us for a tour upstairs to the Champagne Room. This level is distinct from the ground floor - it's sophisticated, glamorous and vintage. As you look around the room there are chandeliers of all shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling. There are intimate booths throughout and an open seating space for functions.

Note: Each booth has a gold box – Engraved on that box is “Press for Champagne” when the guests in the booth press the button a light at their table and a light at the bar will illuminate which will signal the staff and let them know it’s time for a refill.

One of the walls of the room was interesting; it was lined with chicken coupes and inside were bottles of alcohol -Very creative and again, very cool! The DJ was playing modern, chilled, feel good beats which created the perfect vibe for the Champagne Room. This room is classy, beautiful and it and makes you feel like you’re on a movie set.

The drinks menu up here was impressive; we decided to order these Cocktails -

  • Champ-Elysees ($19)

  • Pour Vous ($25)

For our meals we made our way back downstairs to be seated on the balcony. We ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad ($24) and the Pumpkin Rotolo ($24). I suspected there might be a bit of wait because of how busy they were, but was pleasantly surprised when not only our food, but the table next to us was served within 20 – 30 minutes.

We spoke to a few people seated around us .They were eager to share with us their positive experience. Our food was cooked to perfection, portion size was great and both dishes were a reasonable price.

We know that The Winery is famous for its wine, but we wanted to try one more Cocktail each before our departure.

  • Amaretto Sour (Not on the menu)

  • Lychee Botanic ($15)

Again - Winning!

This place is inviting. - You would want to bring your friends here and after you leave, you will want to tell everybody about it.

Everyone we encountered in the vicinity was friendly, social and keen to have a chat. The age group varied as they really do cater for all occasions.

Thanks for having us!

The Winery Address: 285A Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Phone: (02) 9331 0833

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