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Across all of my social media platforms Feathering was a reoccurring terminology that I had absolutely no knowledge on, but was very eager to be educated.

An army of people were entering beauty clinics and leaving with natural looking perfectly shaped brows that would last for up to 18 months.

After doing my research and referral from a friend, I made an appointment at Adore Brows & Skin located in Parramatta, Sydney.

With over ten years experience the owner of this clinic specialises in feather touch brows, eyebrow shaping, cosmetic tattoo, beauty therapy, dermal skin therapy and LED light therapy.

She also has pro dermal skin treatments for pigmentation, acne, sun damage, fine lines, scarring and stretch marks and is able to conduct dermaplaning and skin needling procedures.

Feathering also known as feather touch brows, micro-blading, eyebrow embroidery and micro-stroking is a semi-permanent procedure that transforms uneven or in some cases, badly shaped brows into perfectly symmetrical arches that are suited the person’s face.

Before the procedure commenced we discussed what shape I would like and what the owner believed would suit my facial structure. Once agreed an outline was drawn on over my eyebrows which I was to confirm before we began the procedure.

The mixed pigment was applied by individual strokes over the discussed area which left my eyebrows looking natural but defined.

Did it hurt? – Not really.

After the procedure was completed I expected there to be some pain or discomfort, but was pleasantly surprised that all I walked away with was the best shaped eyebrows I’ve ever had.

Adore Brows & Skin is extremely well priced in comparison to other clinics in the surrounding areas and the customer service I received was amazing.

Thank you so much Adore Brows & Skin, It’s a great feeling knowing that I can leave the house without having to fill my eyebrows in.

Adore Brows & Skin

Shop 8 / 197-205 Church St

Parramatta, NSW 2150

Phone: 0412625387.

Website – Facebook – Instagram – @adorebrowsandskin

Note – Whilst these products and procedures worked for me, they may not be suitable for you. Please read the labels on the products and conduct your own research prior to use. We all have different skin types and you may have a different reaction to me, so before undergoing any treatments or procedures, it’s best to book a consultation with a professional to discuss their recommendations with you personally.

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