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After being recommended by a friend of mine to get a lash lift and tint I was more than happy to be back in my home town of Minchinbury welcomed by the owner of Pure Beauty & Skin Care.

Being away from the area for some time, I saw this as a grand opportunity to find a local beauty and skin clinic for people who reside in the western suburbs of Sydney.

Pure Beauty & Skin Care specialises in advanced facials, skin resurfacing treatments and waxing. They have a whole range of products and services available to accommodate all of your beauty needs for example, the lash lift.

I am notorious for spending a significant amount of time trailing different techniques to make my eyes POP – One of those techniques is using an eye lash curler or fake eyelashes.

The lash lift intrigued me because it would appear that this treatment would not only save me time but eliminate a cost. I have quite a lot of eyelashes and I was told this is a great alternative to eyelash extensions.

The procedure takes around 30-40 minutes , cost $70.00 and lasts up to three months. For those of you wondering if this is painful, I can assure you this is a pain free treatment.

My experience at the clinic was amazing as the staff were professional and polite.

I had this done in December and I did like not having to apply mascara, however I found after having the lash lift done it was near impossible to apply false eyelashes, as your natural lashes will be firmly lifted for months. I also found it was quite challenging to apply top eyeliner.

This is perfect for those who don't wear excessive amounts of eye make up.

Pure Beauty & Skin Care

1/10 Eddie Road Minchinbury.

Phone: 02 9832 8810

Note – Whilst these products and procedures worked for me, they may not be suitable for you. Please read the labels on the products and conduct your own research prior to use.We all have different skin types and you may have a different reaction to me, so before undergoing any treatments or procedures, it’s best to book a consultation with a professional to discuss their recommendations with you personally.

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