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Tony Marchment Artistry

What makes something memorable? Is it the way it looks or the way it makes you feel?

Or a combination of both?

For something or someone to be memorable they need to be different, they need to have something about them that is engaging beyond the exterior we see.

Over the past few months I have been doing some work with a makeup and special effects artist who as luck should have it, is also a hair stylist.

Tony Marchment is my definition of memorable and he sure does leave a long lasting impression.

What I find most impressive about Tony is his ability to listen to what is being requested and execute the idea by not just doing makeup, but by creating a body of art.

The level of professionalism Tony displays is to an extremely high standard. He wants his clients to feel like he has not only met their expectations, but unquestionably exceeded them.

Over the years Tony has acquired a set of skills that have allowed him to utilize every creative bone he has in his body. He is a firm believer in using multiple outlets to express who you are as a person, which is why he is so passionate about what he does.

He wants his clients to walk into a room and make a statement, he wants them to leave an impression by being that confident within themselves, that no individual has the ability to break them down. He will use his talent and go above and beyond, just to show you how beautiful you are on the inside and out.

Recently we did a shoot where in just over 6 hours we achieved 6 different looks (Make up & Hair) – His time management was phenomenal and the outcome of each look was flawless.

He is a one man show that undoubtedly can give you the look that you desire. Here is a full list of styles he can work with you to achieve.

  • Day to day

  • Soft Makeup

  • Hair Glam

  • Cut/Color/Blow dry

  • Body Paint

  • Body Art

  • Drag

  • Bridal (Bride, Bridesmaids & Mother of the Bride)

If you too want to have a memorable Tony Marchment experience, where you’ll leave feeling like Beyoncé in the “Who Run The World” video – I will share him with you.

Click on the below link to be directed to his Facebook page where you will be able to view all of his work and obtain his contact details for bookings –

He is an absolute gem and a pleasure to work with.

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