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As much as I love living, working and socialising in our beautiful city of Sydney, sometimes it’s nice to leave my CBD bubble and venture into other parts of the world; by this I mean, 4km in the direction of the inner western suburbs of Sydney – Newtown to be exact.

Newtown thrives off the individuality of everyone who resides and visits the area.

This is the one suburb in Sydney you’ll being able to find a cuisine from almost every part of the world on one singular strip of road – King Street.

A friend of mine mentioned that I had to “Check out that place on King!” Opening its doors only twelve weeks ago, it’s really making quite a name for itself.

After a conversation that felt like a mini Tennis match, I realised that we weren’t just going to just any place on King; it was in fact called - “That Place On King” (Very clever!)

As you enter, the very first thing you will notice is the modernized bar and the timber decor throughout. The exposed brick walls and wooden picket fence give this venue a very homely/funky vibe creating a laid back intimate atmosphere.

Their menu is a Mediterranean inspired, Fusion cuisine; but here’s a twist - They have a high quality Burger Bar.

All Burgers are 100% pure grain fed Beef or 100% pure Chicken Breast. All items can be served as a traditional Burger, Wrap or (If you’re trying to cut carbs) in the nude.

For an entrée, we were feeling a little daring and decided to try their Fried Haloumi, topped with Dukkah on a bed of Watermelon ($13).

The contrast of colors presented on the dish, painted a picture well and truly before we had a chance to try. The two different textures (Haloumi/ Watermelon) were an interesting and refreshing combination that we would be keen to order again.

For the mains we ordered Lord of the Mess and a Chicken & Cheese Burger.

Before I go on any further I need to make a point here – Guess how much each of these dishes were? Honestly think about that for a moment.

How much would a good quality Burger with a side of Sweet Potato or Potato chips & a mini Slider cost you? Ok – do you have a dollar figure? I’m almost certain you would have said anywhere between $15 - $30 per dish, correct?

At That Place on King each of these dishes were only $11.90 - Yes, you did read that correctly!

Both of these tasted impeccable. Serving sizes were huge; you could easily cut one of these meals in half and share it with friend; both of you will walk away with full stomachs.

Side Note: Lord Of The Mess, was intense. We suggest using a knife and fork with this one or be prepared to get your hands dirty!

What would a good meal be without a couple of tasty beverages?

Pina Colada ($13) & Midori Illusion ($13) both reasonably priced and mixed to perfection.

After seeing these images, you may be making the assumption that we landed ourselves directly in a food coma; nope - There is always room for dessert.

We had to try their Chocolate Pasta topped with fresh juicy strawberries ($16)

This was a dessert, but the serving size was of a main course of the meal. While some may be taken back by such a combination, I genuinely welcomed the chance to try something so novel.

We thoroughly enjoyed each and every meal.

The aromas from the kitchen had us sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting in anticipation for the next mouth-watering dish to be served.

The service received from the staff was of an extremely high standard. We received our food around a half hour after ordering.

This place is perfect to catch up with some friends while enjoying a Burger and a few Bevies.

If you’re making your way to Newtown you must visit “That Place on King”.

Thanks for having us.

For further information please see below

That Place On King 377 King Street Newtown 02 9519 2377

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