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There are two things I value on this earth well and truly above anything else

1) Good Company

2) Good Food

Good company could mean anything, but to me it means the people that make you laugh until it hurts, the ones that you can be yourself around on both the bad days and good, those that you can create the biggest and best memories with simply by doing something as effortless as sitting down and sharing stories over a delicious meal.

I love food for obvious reasons #FATTY

When I get the opportunity to combine these two things I become one happy lady!

At the present, Sydney’s nightlife may be struggling to keep its head above water but Helm Bar has confidently managed to stay afloat for a whole range of reasons.

The stunning view from the top deck overlooking Darling Harbour, combined with the reasonably priced menu, large open space and their beer garden, sounds like a recipe for one cruisy and relaxed Sunday session.

We had a table booked for six and lucky we had made a reservation as the place was at capacity by 1pm! We were greeted at the entrance and seated promptly by the friendly waitresses who ALL had incredible customer service skills.

We ordered the following dishes;

Ham & Pineapple Pizza - pineapple, ham off the bone, buffalo mozzarella ($19)


Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana - topped with tomato sugo, ham & cheese w/ fries, rocket & parmesan salad & red wine jus ($23)

Sharing Stand for Two - 85 w/ Morton Bay bugs, tiger prawns, mussels, battered fish of the day & mixed seafood, served w/ fries ($85)

The delicious Ham & Pineapple Pizza was the perfect size for one person to enjoy! But if there are two of you, I would suggest ordering a side.

You can never go wrong with a Chicken Parma! The Chicken was cooked perfectly! Combine that with the rocket & parmesan salad, I rate this meal very highly and for $23! That’s amazingly priced considering this meal at other places averages between $25 - $30.

The absolute stand out dish was the Sharing Stand for Two. Not only did this dish present beautifully, but we all agreed that this is some of the freshest seafood that we had eaten in a restaurant in Darling Harbour. (It says share stand for two, but three people could have shared this and left the table feeling completely satisfied)

They have a large wine menu, with beer on tap and their Cocktail list is definitely something to look at.

All Cocktails on their menu are $15 or under and they do share jugs for $25.

We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at Helm Bar Bistro & Dining .The age group of people I was with ranged between 19 and 55 years of age and every person that dined with me that day, agreed that we simply must go back.

Ticks all around from me, Good Company, good food and good service – The perfect way to end your weekend.

Thanks for having us!

Helm Bar Bistro Aquarium Wharf 7, Wheat Road Darling Harbour NSW 2000 02 9290 1571

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