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Unless you've been living under a rock or had no internet access - ever, you would have seen or heard the words 'Milky Lane ‘appear in your newsfeed many times. I guarantee every time you see these words appear a series of images will flash before your eyes - juicy burgers, gourmet shakes or innovative colourful cocktails to name a few.

Since opening its doors just over a year ago Milky Lane has been a hot spot for not only Sydneysiders but also a handful of international artists. Their unique burger creations and lively atmosphere draw people in hook, line and sinker.

Every time someone checks into this place on social media there’s a domino effect of positive comments from others who have either been and have recommendations on what to order, or people who are planning on going. The hype surrounding this place is unlike any other venue in Sydney and after visiting in person, I completely understand why.

Located just a street away from iconic Bondi Beach and fifteen minutes away from Sydney’s CDB, we had to check this place out because seeing these images every day was making me ridiculously hungry and I was suffering with a severe case of FOMO.

Once you enter the restaurant the first thing you'll notice is the colourful wall running right along the left hand side of the venue, intimate booths and the long illuminated bar. As you head down towards the back of the venue you’ll see the famous Milky Lane mural everyone talks about displaying the world’s most iconic rappers from past to present.

Milky Lane has been described by many as “the ultimate place for a cheat meal” to which I 100% agree. I also suggest coming on an empty stomach because the serving sizes are quite large.

Food-wise we decided to stick to the crowd favourites and ordered:

MAC & CHEESE CROQUETTES - Bacon & four cheese macaroni with Milky Lane dipping sauce

BIG POPPA - Wagyu beef Pattie, Texan rub smoked beef brisket, maple smoked bacon, mac & cheese pattie, american cheddar, onions rings, pickles, bbq sauce, mustard, Milky Lane special sauce & tomato relish

CHIC KANYE - Crispy southern fried chicken, maple smoked bacon, American cheddar, Carolina slaw, lettuce, BBQ sauce, habanero aioli & pineapple relish

For drinks we wanted to try the cocktails that were trending. We went with Reece's Peanut Butter Cup & Bueno Cocktails but also, there was no chance we could pass on the $10 Margaritas.

For dessert, we decided to share the Churros Bowl which was filled with salted caramel and coconut flavoured ice cream topped with Nutella.

I cannot begin to explain to you how amazing the Mac & Cheese Croquettes were! They were deep-fried, cheesy and perfectly cooked (I’d drive here just for these!).

Both burgers were very different but we could see why they were crowd favourites. The Chic Kanye had a spicy kick to it - the chicken was flavoursome and crunchy. The brisket from the Big Poppa burger was that good I could have eaten a whole plate of it. Both of these burgers are wins and if I had to pick one, I simply couldn’t.

The cocktails were like drinking a glorious liquid dessert. They went down so smoothly that we had to remind ourselves they were cocktails, not mocktails.

The Churros Bowl was another huge win! After inhaling the Mac & Cheese croquettes, burgers and cocktails we were so happy we only got one serving, because despite being in a self-induced food coma there was still room for dessert - even if it was only half a serving each!

If you’re looking for a place with “Shakes, Beats & Burgers” Milky Lane is right up your alley – we absolutely LOVED this place!

Milky Lane you lived up to the hype, your burgers were unlike anything we've ever tasted, the cocktails were so beautifully presented. The place was pumping and there was not one person in sight that wasn't smiling.

The staff were friendly, highly professional and our overall experience was fantastic! We definitely will be coming back again.

Thanks for having us!

Milky Lane Bondi

141 Curlewis St

Bondi Beach NSW 2026

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