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Nature Girl


It feels like a lifetime since we last spoke but I want to start this off by saying thank you. Given the circumstances you’re probably wondering why I chose to say this, but I promise that one simple two-worded statement will make perfect sense all in good time. I know that right now to you everything just seems like noise in the background, you feel neither here nor there; completely numb to everyone and everything. The vibrant, happy, confident person you once were now is nothing more than a foggy distant memory - despite everything that’s happened I bet that person is the one you miss the most. Before we go into this I need to make a point in saying that if I was there in person I would m


It’s been a while since I’ve had a facial done and there is no one else I would go to for this other than the beautiful Emina, owner of Adore Brows and Skin. Those who have been connected to me by means of Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat would know that this is the only place I would trust to do my brows, collagen induction/LED opera mask therapy, pro dermal planning facials and supply me with a skincare range I can trust (I was using O Cosmedics, now using DMK). On my visit I decided to have a skin treatment called ” Pumpkin Enzyme & Fruit Acid Peel”, followed by a soothing Alginate peel off mask and finished off with ten minutes under a medical grade LED red light. Emina decided that this w


Rawsons Restaurant was a great find in the middle of The Epping Club. We walked in not quite knowing what to expect – would this be your standard casual-fish-and-chips-style club dinner venue? We were unsure, but excited to find out! In our time we’ve been fortunate enough to go to many beautiful places in Sydney and the main foyer to this RSL club was up there! It was absolutely spectacular - think chandeliers, a big plush circular lounge positioned in the middle space and a grand piano being softly played by a professional pianist. Before we entered the restaurant we knew this place was going to be different to what we had expected. As you enter Rawson’s you’re greeted by the friendly staf


Dear Brokenhearted, I want to start off by saying I truly am so deeply sorry that this has happened to you, what you’re going through is undeniably one of the worst feelings in the world and unfortunately someone who has never experienced it will not be able to match the level of empathy that you would show them if the tables were turned – I envy people like that because they look at life through a completely different set of lenses to you and I. I know you’re probably already aware of this but in case you’re not, I need to let you know that over the course of the next few months you’re going to go through a wave of emotions which will make you question your own sanity and judgment. All the


You're on top of the world - maybe you just came home from an overseas trip with your girlfriends, finished your university degree or landed your absolute dream job! You’re achieving things and totally owning your own space. You feel like for the first time in so long, you actually have your shit together. Every aspect of your life seems to be aligning perfectly - you're heading in the right direction, the path you're on seems to be the right one. You're proud of yourself but can't help but feel like maybe something's missing. Nevertheless, you have faith that when the time is right, maybe the person who is right for you will come along but for now this journey needs to be one you travel sol


If you’ve ever suffered with anxiety, depression, heartbreak or just an extremely shitty time – I wrote this for you. “It’s only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never be dimmed” Do you remember the times when you didn’t want to get out of bed in the morning and most definitely did not want to see the light of day? People said “It’s ok, you’ll be fine” or “It happens to all of us, it’s just a part of life” You appreciated their concern, but part of you resented it. How could someone just brush it off like that? It was probably one of the worst things that had ever happened to you and these people who you lo

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