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Truck Bed Guitar Session
Nature Girl


Over the years I've heard and asked the same question repeatedly time and time again "What does he even mean by that?” I've also had a number of men in a frustrated tone ask me "How did you come to this conclusion?!" More often than not, this was followed by a long and intense conversation in which I had no choice but to explain my methodology in intricate detail, leaving the guy with a thumping migraine wishing he hadn’t asked. Kind of funny now though, LOL. There is no doubt in my mind that we think differently and at times, getting our point across to the opposite sex can be an extremely painful exercise. From my experience a lot of the confusion comes from the emotion vs logic debat


Like many of us Sydney-siders, at one point or another I have found myself in the early hours of the morning, wine in hand, blabbing on about something at Marlborough Hotel aka Marly Bar. Little did I know, that had I wandered around the corner I would have found a sneaky hidden entrance that would lead me directly to Miss Peaches. Miss Peaches Soul-food Kitchen is a blues-infused Southern cocktail bar that serves up authentic homemade soul food and drinks. This is a 70’s style lounge with bright and colourful interior, comfortable booths, exposed brick walls and oversized logos on the walls. The tall tables and bar stools create a casual vibe and there’s a large balcony that runs along one

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