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You’ve got to love the discussions that take place on a Monday during lunch hour. I overheard one of my colleagues mention that he spent his entire Saturday night at Surry Hills in a pirate ship.

At first I thought – Wow, someone had a big weekend, but after asking him where he went exactly, he told me I needed to go to Button Bar to understand.

What intrigued me was the only instruction I had been given to find this place was “Look for an unmarked wooden sliding door at the lower end of Foveaux Street in Surry Hills” – Very vague , but these cryptic messages were kind of fun.

Once we located the bar the very first thing we noticed was not only was the floor wooden, but also the walls and ceiling. The decor throughout was vintage, it was dim lit and it did in fact resemble the inside of a pirate ship.

This is a small intimate bar which has a very large selection of Rum - this ties in perfectly to pirate theme that’s been created throughout the entire venue. There were over a hundred different spirits to choose from so we thought it was probably best to leave the decision on what to drink to the staff.

We were greeted as we walked through the door and acknowledge prior to ordering a drink. – This was a nice experience, they were keen to assist us in finding the perfect cocktail.

As we were seated we were given complimentary peanuts and glass of water, which was a nice way to make us feel welcomed. Regardless of who you are or who you know, all guests were treated with exceptional customer service.

The cocktails on the menu ranged between $9.50 - $19.50. We tried two of their best sellers and one of their specialties that you can order, but is not listed on the menu.

Pirate Jet ($17.50) and Flying Cloud ($18) were both sweet and both very delicious, we could see why both of these would be crowd pleasers. Mr Mustache was strong and not for the faint-hearted but well thought out and thoroughly enjoyed. All three cocktails were presented well, but our overall pick from the cocktails was the Pirate Jet.

We spoke to some people who regularly visit Button Bar, who had said that this place is fantastic to come with a small group of friends or on a date. This regular, also mentioned to us that next time we must try the Sangria jug for $9.50 - Sounds good to us!

If you’re looking for a bar that would have the ability to take you away from a mediocre bar setting, something that makes you feel like you’re on a movie set and where you are treated with fantastic customer service, then this small intimate bar is something you should put on your to do list.

Thanks for having us!

Button Bar 65 Foveaux Street

Sydney NSW 2010

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