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Ahhhh Sunday, the one day of the week where I’m quite happy to scroll through my feeds for hours on end and not feel guilty for doing so.

On Instagram I have an eye for anything that is creative and I love things that are different. On this particular day I came across what I found to be a very creative coffee cup.

After a few more scrolls and liking almost every image on their account, I just knew I had to visit - how could I not? Look at the desserts!

Bondi local and award-winning chef Ian Oakes of The Grand National had an idea of opening a local eatery that people could drop in at all times of the day and leave with a long lasting impression - this my friends is a exactly what he has achieved.

Drake’s menu is a modernized Australian cuisine that has been influenced by some delicious European flavours. Nothing listed is ordinary and everything served reflects Ian’s passion for innovative food.

The interior is decked out with bare hardwood benches, modern wooden furniture and is surrounded by large glass windows. It has a wooden roof and an open cooking station that is framed by shelves of ceramics and greenery.

The open cooking station not only allows their customers to watch the food being prepared, but they are able to smell the exotic flavours well before their food is served.

We arrived at roughly 12:15pm on a Sunday afternoon and by 12:30pm the place was at capacity. Don’t let the portion sizes fool you, the plates are designed for sharing. We ordered:

  • Thyme gnocchi, golden raisins, hazelnuts, mushrooms, Gippsland blue,

  • Crispy potatoes & thyme salt

  • Spiced grains, almonds, labne, currents

After we halved the three plates we were feeling rather full, but of course still had room for dessert.......

- White chocolate + honeycomb parfait, salted caramel

Need I say more?

If you have a sweet tooth I want you to imagine the best dessert you’ve ever eaten, now times that by 100. I would happily travel to Bondi, drive around for an hour trying to find parking, park in a ½ parking spot and cop a fine, if it meant I was able to eat this time and time again.

To top it off – Guess how much all of this cost? $51. Delicious & Well priced what a fantastic way to end my weekend!

The quality of food is consistent, the staff were amazing and the atmosphere of this place made you feel as though you were at home away from home.

On week days they open their doors for breakfast at 7:00am, weekends 8:00am and are open till late.

If you’re in Bondi, stop into Drake Eatery you will not be disappointed.

– Until we meet again!

Drake Eatery

178 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026 (02) 9130 3218

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