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Located on the shores of Lake Macquarie, this intimate Mediterranean restaurant has become a real favourite amongst the locals. So much so, we knew we had to set our GPS North and head up to Warners Bay to see for ourselves.

As we entered the restaurant we noticed it was absolutely jam packed with people, all of which seemed to being having such a fabulous time.

We received a warm welcome from UK owners Emma and Danny, who explain to us that this restaurant had been inspired by many fond memories of summers spent in the Mediterranean.

Everything from the music being played to the décor throughout, created a fun and inviting atmosphere that most certainly would encourage one to come back with another group of friends or family.

There were three of us and we knew they were a meze bar, so traditionally we would have ordered many dishes and a main, but decided to try their brand new banquet that launched right in time for Summer – Sephardim Banquet at $60pp how could we not?

These dishes looked absolutely divine and I can assure you they tasted every bit as good as they looked!On the Sephardim Banquet we enjoyed the following dishes –

  • Arnabeet M’lay

  • Andalucian Prawns

  • Hummus Kawarma

  • Jawaneh

  • Ordek

  • Sephardim Paella

  • Anatolian Lamb

  • Dessert Mezze Board

We were full? - YES!

We were we impressed? – YES!

Would we recommend this? – You Betcha!

Absolutely every dish that was presented to us was flavorsome, cooked perfectly and ticked my boxes (I am obsessed with Mediterranean food) All three of us had different favourites, but the stand out dishes were the andalucian prawns, paella and dessert meze board.

Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed the food, we were really taken back by the creativity with some of the cocktail concoctions for only $14.00

Our favourites were:

  • Spiked Apple Ice Tea – Vanilla spiced vodka, apple tea syrup, lemon, mint and soda

  • Hazelnut Sherbet – Frangelico & Vermouth stirred over ice and topped with fairy floss

We had an absolutely fabulous time at Sephardim and most certain recommend you put this restaurant on your to do list if you’re headed towards the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Sephardim, Mediterranean Kitchen 71 King Street Warners Bay NSW 2282

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